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Sherry Smothermon-Short founded Cub Scout Ideas in 2013 to share her experiences with the Cub Scouting community. Her blog's reach has grown dramatically since then, and it is now recognized by the Boy Scouts of America as one of their 10 "favorite Scouting blogs you should follow." Sherry also served as the Scouting Content Expert for Very Well Family (formerly

While she was blogging about Cub Scouts, Sherry discovered that there were many sources of data about her blog including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media platform analytics, and affiliate program analytics. She learned that she could use that information to help make decisions about her blog.

Sherry realized that she loves digging into the data, and she loves helping others dig into their data too. So, she started a new site, Painless Blog Analytics, to help bloggers learn how to easily understand and use their blog's data.