Behind the Instafeed Takeaways

Instagram has become a key marketing tool for bloggers and businesses alike. Because of this we felt it was really important to provide our tribe with the opportunity to learn some pro tips on bringing their best, branded selves to social media. 

Our host for this event was Hannah Kerr of  Since meeting her, she has created a clear direction for her blog and distance parameters for her brand. Watching her grow made it a no-brainer when selecting a workshop host. 

During the workshop she dropped quite a few gems that we had to bring to the blog. Wish you all were there, but here's what you missed.

1. Get Organized

Hannah has organized the photo albums in her phone to work better than any app can. Get like her and create cover photos for your albums.

2. Pick your palette

- A color pallete helps add visual consistency that your audience will come to associate with your blog.

3. Type how you talk

- When creating captions or typing text graphics be sure to use your authentic voice. This helps your audience get a feel for who you really are and vibe with your personality.

4. Get your apps on point

- Apps can make a huge difference in your brand quality. Apps like VSCO add professional editing to your photos and Canva can be a great tool to help bring your brand to life when it comes to color and text consistency.

5. Stay abreast on your analytics

- First, if you don't have a business page set up get one. The back end analytics on Instagram are very helpful when it comes to knowing what type of posts your audience is most responsive to AND when is the best time to reach them.

tiffany perkins