Advice From Seasoned Bloggers

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Thinking about becoming a blogger, but not really sure where to start? We’ve surveyed some of Nashville’s finest for the advice they would give anyone thinking about starting a blog. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

“If you're interesting in blogging ...Start your blog NOW! If you are passionate about blogging don't let anything hold you back from getting started. It is a huge step to put yourself out there and a lot of work to get started but once get involved in the blogging community, and begin to connect with people you will be so glad that you did. Another tip I always mention to anyone interested in blogging is to do YOUR thing not someone else's. Originality is key to a successful brand.” - Alexus | Lipstick and Lables

“The best piece of blogging advice I've received is to stay true to myself. It's so easy to want to post things that will get you more attention or followers, but if those things don't define you as a person it's a waste of time. I want people to follow me for my true quirky and life-loving self, not for anything/anyone else.” - Katie | Just Bloom

“My biggest piece of advice to give to new bloggers is to stay true to your craft and post the type of content that most inspires you. Comparison is a total confidence killer, and likes/follows do not necessarily determine quality. There are bound to be people who appreciate the same things that you do (no matter how weird or eccentric) out there, so just stay true to yourself and they are bound to find you.” - Elizabeth Stewart

“Some of my tips for managing life and blogging is simply to know when it is time to put the phone down! I truly love blogging and Instagram and creating things for my followers. I love looking through so many Instagram accounts. But, I also know that sometimes I need to put the phone down and enjoy what I am doing in person. I think finding a balance is different for people depending on what you do. I am a wife and teacher first! I'm a wife always and a teacher during the days. When I get home from school, that's when I get to do my blogging! But when I am spending time with my husband, family, or friends there are times I put the phone down and just want to be in the moment!” - Ashton Pyron | Rays n’ Roses

“Don't let other people keep you from pursuing your dreams. I know it can be hard putting your self out there, especially when blogging - but the results of doing so are so rewarding.” - Heather | The Brunette Cafe

“My best piece of advice I’ve received about blogging is to JUST START! Don’t wait for the “perfect time” because it will never be perfect! Just get out there and write, connect with others, connect with brands and most importantly- have fun!” - Anna Bedell | Tall Tennessee Mama

“ Be yourself! When I first started, I was a little all over the place and wasn’t being 100% true to who I am. Once I realized I am a girly girl who loves bows and pink, I stuck true to that and had to say no to a lot of offers that wouldn’t support my brand, or me. This is so important to not only yourself, but to share who you really are with your followers! Don’t forget, they’re following you for a reason, so don’t loose that!” - Hannah Kraus | The Kraus House

“Advice; I’m new to blogging on my own. My best advice is be willing to ask for help, accept help, and use constructive criticism. I try to use this in blogging, my personal life, and my career.” - Malory Luciane | Malory Luciane

Creating content for social media is tricky. You plan, pose, and edit... only to find that people don’t relate to that particular post. Honestly, I’ve found that capturing the raw emotions and candid moments in between is what resonates with others. We are all messy, but that’s beautiful and what unites us. Posting your heart, in all of its honest, exposed glory should be the goal. Get real!” - Caroline Broadbent | Growth Spurts

“The best piece of blogging advice I’ve ever received is to be completely you. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s currently trending but being yourself and being real with readers is so important. - Cally Guthrie | Cally Guthrie

“I’d say the best tip for keeping your audience engaged would be to try and post at least once a day and stay very active on stories. I think if you set a certain time to post each day your audience starts to pick up on that and looks forward to what will be putting out there. I also think with stories, doing polls and questions help too! For me its a reassurance that people are actually interested in what you are posting/talking about!” - Ashley | The Southern Peony

“Instagram is only part of it. You need a big presence on actual blogs and other platforms like Pinterest and Facebook.” -Alex Bovee | Out of the Office Traveling

“Work and blog life can be hard to balance. I've found that sticking with everyday life and not stressing about what content you're going to upload everyday has really grown my love for blogging! People love to see what kind of fun raw things go on in others lives. instead of pre-planning everything, enjoy the moment and share your experiences as they happen! That’s what I love most about blogging!” - Shelby Crowley | Shelbby Crowley

“So, I just started fresh in 2019 and started a new blog because I wish I knew to be more myself. Previously I wrote what I thought people wanted to read. Now I write from the heart. I wanted a place to be more real like my Instagram captions, than write like an advertisement. I wish I knew to be me and the people who will follow, are the people who like what I have to say. The ones who don’t aren’t my people, and there is absolutely a blogger out there for them! It’s nothing personal, but we all have our likes and dislikes - I don’t need to be everyone’s like! Not everyone likes champagne no matter how much I love it, and that’s ok!” - Kaitlyn Hoever | Kaitlyn Hoever

“First tip is to set a schedule! It is easy to work, work, work and never shut it down so it’s important to have minutes/hours each day that you commit to your blog life. Once that time is up put your phone/computer away! Second tip is to plan your posts out as far in advance as you can. I try and take pictures once a week and use those photos for the upcoming week. Sunday is a great day to plan out your photos and content that way you aren’t scrambling all week to get it done and you can focus your attention to growing your following and working with brands.” - Angie Simmons | All in With Angie

”1)Organization - I use a Passion Planner & try to block out dedicated time for my blog. 2)When all else fails and life gets too hectic I do the best I can. I live in the present, launch myself on every wave and then I blog about it!” - Dr. Christy Russell | From Christy’s View

“I believe my authenticity and my personality is what helps me to connect with my audience. I find that when I’m being myself, I get the best responses. It’s easy to think you have to conform to some “norm” to be successful.. but it’s true what they say, no one is you and that is your power.” - Jamaria | Through Jam’s Eyes

”The best tool for connecting with my audience has been social media. I'm the type of person who had to readjust with be transparent and putting myself out there to the universe. Going to social events and blogger meetups or seminars has definitely ignited that fire and given me the tools to enhance my social media experience for my audience.” - Kina | Her Personal Style

“ It’s so important to engage with the people following you - not just responding to their questions or comments in a timely fashion, but directly interacting with their content as well. I have been fortunate to build an amazing network here in Nashville and my goal is to show as much support and good vibes as I have received. ❤️” - Erin Gabriel | Bushel + Peck

“I wish I had known how hard it is to consistently produce content! If I were to start today, I would probably try to have at least a months worth of content ready to put out before starting. I feel like that would have made it way easier to stay consistent!” - Olivia Shea | Olivia Shea Style

“"I wish I remembered that as soon as you take your passion and turn it into a business for profit, your passion becomes work - metrics, meetings, and lots of back and forth emails. Be sure to take time to enjoy your passion as your passion and not have to be under pressure to capture the right shot or connect with the right person.  Make sure you make time to be in moments and enjoy being present for yourself." - Karla Burnett | Truly KB

“I wish I knew how much content I had to produce and put out. At first, I thought one Instagram photo a day was enough and one blog post a week was a enough. More content, the better. But I believe that comes with time so I'm glad I started how I did and am still learning and growing daily!” - Alison Saylor | Alison K Sailor

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