Wellness Made Simple

January came at us like a whirlwind so it was fantastic to close out the month with a little self-care at Blue Stem Wellness. Their fantastic team guided us through a full morning of total body healing and relaxation. Unlike any place we’ve been before, Blue Stem offers the best of the gym and the spa in one place for very affordable pricing.

We started our day by toning our cores with a 10 minute session on the ALLCORE360. This is hands down the most effective, low intensity, high impact exercise machine we’d ever been on. Three days after we could still feel the tightness in our core.

After we finished getting lean we got to relax and repair on a HUGO PEMF mat. PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY is FDA approved to treat anxiety, depression, muscle stimulation, increased energy, and much more! It also helps reduce pain and inflammation. The electromagnetic pulses of energy penetrate the body at a cellular level to increase circulation and aid in healing.

This mat was the life changer we didn’t know that we needed. It hit all of the right spots and left us feeling fully charged and re-energized. It was like taking a nap followed by drinking the most bomb cup of coffee ever. Just a few minutes laying on the mat gave us the pep and motivation we needed to make the most of the rest of our day.

The final piece of our spa day was without question the most amazing. 30 mins in Tennessee’s only ozone sauna was the sprinkles on top of a perfect sundae. Not only did we not sweat our hair out but the machine seemed to breath new life into our skin. We would’ve staid in there all day if we could.

Overall we had an amazing time. The vibe in the building was calm and relaxed which really heightened our level of tranquility. The Blue Stem team was very friendly and went above and beyond to educate us on all of the equipment and treatments that their wellness center offered. All of the equipment was high quality and produced real, important results.

This experience was such a treat and we cannot wait to go back. The center is open by appointment only and we definitely recommend that you try it as well.

tiffany perkins