Bloggers and Facebook

Bloggers and the Book 

As you all have noticed Facebook has been making some changes when it comes to brand accounts. Though one of the main changes we've seen is the visual look of brand pages, a major change has to do with they way Facebook is allowing brands to interact with their audience.


The latest Facebook algorithm changes are set up to be more favorable to content posted by friends and family.  This means that all content posted by brand and companies will be less prominent on newsfeeds, resulting in less traffic.  This is a very Google-like move that forces brands to "pay to play" if they want to stay visible and grow their community using Facebook.


So what can you do?


  1. As I mentioned before you can "pay to play."  Facebook has upgraded their ad platform to make it easier for brands to create ads and boost post aimed directly at their audience.  (This we will talk about in depth in the next Tuesday Tip)

  2.  Get more interaction.   The algorithm can pick up on your content being interacted with  by your audience.  The more people like, comment, and share your material the more likely it is to appear higher in the feed.  This will definitely garner less significant reach than the "pay to play" options, but will make a little bit of difference.


Tips for getting more engagement:

  • Crate sharable material- this is content that adds value to your readers (#bbuchat on this coming soon, just wait on it)

  • Share your post in Facebook Groups- sharing relevant post in your Facebook groups can get people sharing your material, and lead them back to your Facebook page

  • Ask your friends to get engaged-  Yeah they've liked your page, but now you need them to really start engaging with your content. As them to like and share things you've posted. It takes all of two seconds.

Though Facebook is really making it tough for brands to be great on their platform all hope is not lost. Continue to produce great material and promote your brand people will notice. 

tiffany perkins