Panel I: Style Blogger Panel 

Emmanuel LeGrair, Ashley Brimer, Anna Grace Newell, Marie Denee (Creator of The Curvy Fashionista) will be dishing on the ins and out of being a fashion blogger. Attend this panel to learn how they each got their start, how they navigate the different aspects of the niche, how they’ve grown their followings, and their tips for working with brands. * audience questions will be accepted *

Panel II: Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing at an all-time high not knowing how to navigate partnerships can put both bloggers and brands at a disadvantage. In this panel we will discuss what influencer marketing is, partnership etiquette, pitching, negotiation tactics, and more. Our panelists include influencer Lexi Nimmo and industry reps Nancy Amaker from Jackson Spalding and Sydney owner of Social Renaissance Marketing Group.

Metrics that Matter:

If you have a website and it is a key tool for getting your message, product, and/or content out to your audience then knowing your analytics is ESSENTIAL Metrics that Matter is a two-part data class that will introduce you to website metrics and teach you how to track the data that is important to your goals. In part one Sherry Smothermon- Short of Cub Scout Ideas and Blogging Metrics Made Easy will discuss in detail what Google Analytics is, what metrics it allows you to track, and how to use it to effectively measure your web traffic.

Metrics that Matter p.2

In Metrics that Matter p2 you will receive hands-on assistance setting up your website’s Google Analytics account and creating the perfect metric goals to measure your content’s success.

Instagram: Building a Feed and Making Money

Instagram is undeniably one of the most important social channels around. With influencer marketing ad spend on the rise many businesses have adopted Instagram as one of their main revenue generating tools. In this session Sam Cormier will walk you through building an Instagram feed that is captivating enough to help you organically grow an engaged follow. She will also show you how to use your engaged following to monetize your social media account and use Instagram not only as a marketing tool, but as a source of income.

Building Brand Connections

Having the ability to work with multiple brands throughout your blogging career is fantastic, but building genuine connections with brands that lead to repeat partnerships is even better. In Building Brand Connections Dawn Burns of The Nashville Mom + Nash Chat podcast will share her methods for pitching brands, creating reciprocal value, and building long-term relationships.

90 Minutes to Success

What if we told you all it takes is 90 minutes a day to build the business of your dreams? Ashley Reale of Love Everywhere will walk you through her detailed methods of prioritizing tasks, managing time effectively, and making the most of social media to build a business with roots and a community that cares.

How to Balance Blogging and a Healthy Lifestyle

Between creating engaging content, curating social media posts, staying on top of emails, and all the countless other things blogging takes alot of work. Let's be honest, our passion projects, in general, can take precious time and energy away from healthy habits like sleep, healthy eating, and exercise. In this session, Lindsey Joe will teach you all about key self-care techniques that are essential for your go go go lifestyle!

Finding Your Blogging Voice

This interactive session will help attendees find their blogging voice and determine how to effectively communicate their brand using blogging. We will discuss how blogging helps to find networks of influence and opportunities to collaborate with others. This class is for new bloggers interested in figuring out what they want their blog to be about.

Top Blogger Mistakes

“Lessons I wish I knew” coming straight from a blogging vet. With a national campaign under her belt and more than 10 years of blogging experience, Nashville blogger Melissa Watkins is ready to share all the mistakes she made before figuring the blogger game out. In this class, she’ll be dispelling blogging myths, discussing things she wishes she knew when she first started out, and telling the truth about the real work it takes to find success and money as a blogger.

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s competitive market, SEO is so important. SEO is a technique for cultivating your web page content to increase its overall searchability and visibility online. In this class award winning travel and food blogger Tomiko Harvey will give you the inside scoop on optimizing your blogs to help them get pick up on top search engines like Google.

YouTube Essentials

With social media’s new engagement focused algorithm video content continuously takes the lead across all platforms. With over 165k YouTube subscribers Hannah Ashton has mastered the creating captivating video content that her community not only engages with but shares. In this class Hannah will share how to create, deliver, and promote engaging video content for YouTube and how to share this content across other platforms to connect with your audience.

Food Blogging

Do you like food? Not just eating it, but also telling people about it. If so, food blogging is definitely for you. In this session, Angela Roberts will be diving into what makes a successful food blog and sharing her tips for taking tantalizing photos and writing copy that keeps readers engaged beyond a recipe or recommendation.

Faith-Based Blogging

In this class Dana Bryant of Lifted Woman will talk about the creative writing process of a faith based blogger, challenges she’s faced, strategies for engagement, decision factors for monetizing your blog, and the importance of collaboration from a faith based perspective.

Go-Getter Goal Setting

Goal setting provides you with important short-term motivation for reaching your long-term vision. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can “take the wheel” of  your life. During this class Joshjuan Jones will guide you through recognizing your negative habits, vision casting for your future, and creating purpose driven goals.

Put Some Muscle Behind Your Hustle

This is not a step-by-step guide to starting a business – those are available everywhere. Put Some Muscle Behind Your Hustle presents an in-depth look into the tactical, mental, and spiritual resources one needs when elevating from a hobby-ing novice to a well oiled, goal-crushing entrepreneur. Presented by Vannesia Darby

Connecting Your Community Offline

Happy Glow Girl founder Shae Sterling has built a platform on being a highly coveted resource for bloggers and influencers in Atlanta. In her session attendees will learn how to bring their brand engagement offline and maximize their audience in the form of events, meetups, and live activations. She will give in-depth detail on what goes into planning, coordinating, and marketing for a successful turnout.

Intro to Blogging

Do you want to publish a blog but don’t know where to start? START HERE! In this session we’ll help you take your blog from idea to inception with hands on help picking a platform, mapping out site setup, deciding what to write about, and connecting with your audience.

Disrupt The Blogosphere! Cool Tech Hacks For Content Creators

Have you ever been stuck on getting your blog out because you don’t have a budget, because you’ve run out of unique ideas, or you just don’t understand how to use the latest technology. Did you know that there are cool, user friendly technology like Artificial Intelligence available to help enhance your content’s effectiveness? In this class Ingrid Brown will share simple, user friendly technology hacks that will help you create disruptive content to engage the world.