Tweeting by Numbers

Be honest, how many of you actually look at your Twitter analytics? How many of you didn't even know that Twitter offered analytics?

Twitter analytics is an amazing free tool that shows you how well your tweets are doing, who is engaging, how you've grown, and who your audience is.  The data is incredibly detailed down to your top tweet and top mention. 

This tip is short and sweet but it requires you to do a little homework. Head over to, log in to your twitter account, and really dive in to all the information that is provided to you.

When you log in you will be on the home page that contains a summary or your tweets.  At the top, above your profile picture, are the navigation tabs.  Take some time and really pay attention to what these number mean.  See which tweets of yours get the most engagement. Check out who exactly your followers are.

These stats will help you to created content that your followers will engage with and even show you when the best time to put it out is.  You can also grab a few analytics on your phone by clicking "view Tweet activity" located underneath each tweet.

I really hope you enjoyed this tip and find a lot of Twitter success from using it.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with understanding your Twitter numbers email