Making Instagram’s Changes Work For You

Since it's induction Instagram's new algorithm has had users (influencers, brands, and bloggers alike) scrambling to figure out how to stay in front of their followers.  Gone are the days of perfectly timed posts.  Now, instead of using chronological order, Instagram's timeline is configured to show the most popular posts first.  

Why'd they make the change you ask?

Instagram reps say that before the change users were missing 70% of their feed.  The new algorithm is said to show the moments a user finds most important. 

At first knowledge of this news, many Instagram users urged their followers to turn on post notifications.  This idea sounded great in theory, but it neglected the fact that engagement is King.

The more engagement (likes and comments) your posts get the more likely they are to appear in your followers’ timelines. 

So how do you get more engagement? 

Well aside from cross promotion (which I hope you all are doing), another Instagram update has been rolled out to help businesses and brands know and grow their audiences.

Instagram business page is a dope update to the app that is geared toward helping users cultivate the amazing content that their followers want. Two major differences in the regular and business profiles are the contact button and insight section.  With the contact button, users can reach out to you by your choice of email or phone call- Hello quick and easy brand contact!

The insight button is a whole different type of awesome. With one click you can have an overview of your top posts, your followers, and your engagement.  Insight also presents graphs of what days and time your followers are logged into Instagram.  The best use of these metrics is to see which posts resonate best with your followers.  This will help you create more relevant, likable, top of the timeline content.

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