Wellness Made Simple with Blue Stem Wellness


January came at us like a whirlwind so it was fantastic to close out the month with a little self-care at Blue Stem Wellness. Their fantastic team guided us through a full morning of total body healing and relaxation. Unlike any place we’ve been before, Blue Stem offers the best of the gym and the spa in one place for very affordable pricing.

We started our day by toning our cores with a 10 minute session on the ALLCORE360. This is hands down the most effective, low intensity, high impact exercise machine we’d ever been on. Three days after we could still feel the tightness in our core.

After we finished getting lean we got to relax and repair on a HUGO PEMF mat. PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY is FDA approved to treat anxiety, depression, muscle stimulation, increased energy, and much more! It also helps reduce pain and inflammation. The electromagnetic pulses of energy penetrate the body at a cellular level to increase circulation and aid in healing.

This mat was the life changer we didn’t know that we needed. It hit all of the right spots and left us feeling fully charged and re-energized. It was like taking a nap followed by drinking the most bomb cup of coffee ever. Just a few minutes laying on the mat gave us the pep and motivation we needed to make the most of the rest of our day.

The final piece of our spa day was without question the most amazing. 30 mins in Tennessee’s only ozone sauna was the sprinkles on top of a perfect sundae. Not only did we not sweat our hair out but the machine seemed to breath new life into our skin. We would’ve staid in there all day if we could.

Overall we had an amazing time. The vibe in the building was calm and relaxed which really heightened our level of tranquility. The Blue Stem team was very friendly and went above and beyond to educate us on all of the equipment and treatments that their wellness center offered. All of the equipment was high quality and produced real, important results.

This experience was such a treat and we cannot wait to go back. The center is open by appointment only and we definitely recommend that you try it as well.

Nashville Blogger Guide

A master list of Nashville Bloggers categorized by niche.


Tiffany Perkins:

Alisha Lampley :

Melissa Watkins:

Kim Cook :

Talva Lockhart :

CaNesha Gordon  :

Mental Health

Kristle “Kookie” Donelson :

Fashion + Style

Marissa Lunsford :

Lindsay Taylor :

Jamie Germain and Ashanti Smoot :

Malaka Watson :

Jess S. Williams :

Pregnancy, Birth, & Motherhood 

Anna + Tricia Brockway:

Caroline Broadbent : 


Ngozi Sherry :


Sheena Steward :


Zahra Biabani :

Goal Setting + Accomplishing

Joshjuan Jones :


Tomiko Harvey :

Olivia Scruggs:

Family Fun

Lauren Breeze and Rachel Kline :

Bride Guide

Alyssa DiCicco :

Taboo Topics

Emily Hefta :

Cub Scouts

Sherry Smothermon-Short :


Deborah Griffith Kehoe :


Dawn Burns :

Don't Be Fooled by Vanity Metrics

How many times have you gotten on social media and were disheartened because your posts didn’t have as many likes as another blogger you view as successful? Though likes and follows typically get the most shine when it comes to influencers, these vanity metrics can be distracting. Post engagement is awesome, but you have to ask yourself what they’re doing to help your overall growth and marketing goals. If the answer is nothing, then they don't really matter. 

          If your goal is to grow your overall profile engagement then zero in on how each specific post is being received by your audience to see what really works and what doesn’t. Considering the limited real estate on a social media feed, it’s also important to know your best posting times.  You can check this through the insights section on your Instagram business profile, Tweriod app for Twitter, and insights on your Facebook like page.

          If your goal is to get your followers from your profile to your blog, then make it easy for them. First things first link the blog you're promoting directly in your profile if your using Instagram and directly to your post if you're using Twitter or Facebook.

          Next, take the aforementioned tips into consideration post times into consideration. You want to make sure that you're hitting the majority of your audience when you're posting to ensure better conversion rates.  You also want to make sure that your posts are blog focused. If you recently wrote a blog about your fall favorites then your social media posts should give your followers a taste of that blog and make them want to read more.

             The important thing to remember when you're looking at the numbers is the only person you're in competition with is you.  If you're going to compare your likes, views, and engagement it should be with your numbers with the month before, never another blogger.    

Inaugural Blogger Bash

The inaugural Nashville Blogger Bash took place June 14, 2018, and it was a phenomenal night. Nashville Bloggers, Vloggers, content creator, and business owner gathered at the beautiful WeWork building (901 Woodland) for a night of networking, discussion, and fun. 

We were pleased to have so many amazing Nashville businesses in the building providing our attendees with NOT ONLY ambiance but also so many sharable experiences. 

Juwon Enamel set up a beautiful station where guests could learn about their cruelty- free, long wear polishes and get their nails done. Dr. Beauty and his team added a new spin on the traditional lipstick bar by introducing the L.I.P (Living in Purpose) Bar. Not only did he give our girls a little lip pop, but he allowed them to share with him how they live in their purpose and win some cute prizes. 

While mingling and visiting our onsite sponsors, guests sipped on refreshing cocktails from BlackLeaf Vodka. They provided two delicious signature drinks adding some new favorites to our summer drink list. Finally, Go Bonanza turned the level of event fun all the way up with his fun, interactive photo booth. 

In addition to alcoholic refreshments, Mimi Jo's and Sucre shared some of their specialties with us. Mimi Jo's gave us several different delicious blends of gourmet Southern fruit and there was a full assortment of cupcakes and cookies from Sucre. 

After an hour of connecting and getting to know each other, it was panel time. Our panel featured four local bloggers who, though they shared niches, were at different levels of their blogging journey and have grown their platforms in very different ways. 


Ngozi RollinsNatural hair blogger and vlogger. Owner and creator of BeautiFroHair. Her YouTube channel has curated over 30k follower. Through her sustained platform growth, Rollins has been a featured influencer at many events including Nashville's Dollar General Day of Beauty, 

Greta Hollar- Style and travel blogger. Greta has solidified her position in the bloggersphere by being a queen of consistency and a promo pro.  Through her career, she's worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Pringles, Dr. Scholl's, Walmart, and more. 

Lena Jones-  Known to her followers as Lena Love Curls, Lena is a natural hair and lifestyle blogger/vlogger. Her regular, detailed natural hair tutorials have earned her a loyal following (25k+) of beauty lovers across the country.

Faryn Van Dyke- This California girl gone country has made a major name for herself in Nashville with a keen eye for fashion and style. With a sharp understanding of her brand, Frayn has made monetized blogging work for her in a way that makes blogging hardly feel like work. 

These ladies did a phenomenal job of peeling back the layer of having a huge following and dove right into what it took for them to gain success. They also shared how they maintain being a consistent influence and stay motivated to create fresh content. We appreciated them being candid in their responses and really showing that blogging is real work and not just taking photos and catching flights. 

The Gift Bags

Upon leaving, one of our guests said "DANG, this gift bag is heavy," and we couldn't do anything but laugh because, well, it was. Not only did we provide guests with products from local, Nashville brands,

Omni Massage & Beauty Bar Pretty Wicked Scents Makes Cents Jewelry ShyGirl's Wold Inc

but thanks to our gift bag sponsor, Valerie Boutique, we were able to provide them with a few of our favorite things as well.  

Overall we had a fantastic night. We thank everyone who came out and networked with us. If you have photos make sure to tag us and all the brands. Also send them our way to be added to our gallery. Drop us a comment below to let us know what you thought of the Nashville Blogger Bash.

5 Take Aways From our Instagram Workshop

Instagram has become a key marketing tool for bloggers and businesses alike. Because of this we felt it was really important to provide our tribe with the opportunity to learn some pro tips on bringing their best, branded selves to social media. 

Our host for this event was Hannah Kerr of  Since meeting her, she has created a clear direction for her blog and distance parameters for her brand. Watching her grow made it a no-brainer when selecting a workshop host. 

During the workshop she dropped quite a few gems that we had to bring to the blog. Wish you all were there, but here's what you missed.

1. Get Organized

Hannah has organized the photo albums in her phone to work better than any app can. Get like her and create cover photos for your albums.

2. Pick your palette

- A color pallete helps add visual consistency that your audience will come to associate with your blog.

3. Type how you talk

- When creating captions or typing text graphics be sure to use your authentic voice. This helps your audience get a feel for who you really are and vibe with your personality.

4. Get your apps on point

- Apps can make a huge difference in your brand quality. Apps like VSCO add professional editing to your photos and Canva can be a great tool to help bring your brand to life when it comes to color and text consistency.

5. Stay abreast on your analytics

- First, if you don't have a business page set up get one. The back end analytics on Instagram are very helpful when it comes to knowing what type of posts your audience is most responsive to AND when is the best time to reach them.

Social Media Bio

Your social media bio is very important. It is your  online first impression. It can be the difference between a potential follower staying on your profile for awhile and them leaving immediately.  To help you make the most of those 140-160 characters here are my 5 major keys for writing a killer bio.


  1. Fill it in. Your bio should always be as complete as possible.  If you are given blanks to fill out make sure they are all complete. (ie name, location, website).  If you have 160 characters use them all! Think of this as your elevator pitch.
  1. Tell what you do. Including your title and employer can enhance your profile if it adds to your brand. For example if you blog but you also are a freelance contributor to Essence Magazine that gives your writing major credit. Or if you're a beauty blogger who works at MAC.  These positons show that you have an inside view of what you write about. Authority is queen in the blogisphere so flex a little when you can.
  1. Use keywords. Having "blogger" in your profile is great but what do you blog about? You only have a few seconds to catch someone's eye, so grab their attentions with words your followers care about like "fashion" "style" "natural hair" "food" etc.   Knowing your audience is key to selecting the perfect keywords for your bio.
  1. Customize.  Your bio should be a mix of personal and professional. It should show your personality but also let people know that you take what you do seriously. My suggestion is to write it like you would write a blog.  This give readers a chance to hear your voice even if they haven't read your blog.
  2. Avoid buzzwods. These are any of the fluff phrases like "networking ninja" "hustler" and "team no sleep".  They are vague at best and don't add anything to your bio. It's also best practice to avoid hashtags (on Instagram).  They aren't clickable in your bio so therefore they're unnecessary. 


If you don't think your bio is perfect, don't sweat. It takes most people 5-10 rewrites before they get something that they think is right. One thing to keep in mind when crafting your text is that not all bios are created equal. Each platform is used differently so your bio will need to be tweaked to fit the audience and feel of the platform.  [insider tip] Want your bio to be formatted a specific way? Write it in a separated doc (ie: notepad on your phone) and then copy and paste it to your profile. 


Tweeting by Numbers

Be honest, how many of you actually look at your Twitter analytics? How many of you didn't even know that Twitter offered analytics?

Twitter analytics is an amazing free tool that shows you how well your tweets are doing, who is engaging, how you've grown, and who your audience is.  The data is incredibly detailed down to your top tweet and top mention. 

This tip is short and sweet but it requires you to do a little homework. Head over to, log in to your twitter account, and really dive in to all the information that is provided to you.

When you log in you will be on the home page that contains a summary or your tweets.  At the top, above your profile picture, are the navigation tabs.  Take some time and really pay attention to what these number mean.  See which tweets of yours get the most engagement. Check out who exactly your followers are.

These stats will help you to created content that your followers will engage with and even show you when the best time to put it out is.  You can also grab a few analytics on your phone by clicking "view Tweet activity" located underneath each tweet.

I really hope you enjoyed this tip and find a lot of Twitter success from using it.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with understanding your Twitter numbers email


Making Instagram’s Changes Work For You

Since it's induction Instagram's new algorithm has had users (influencers, brands, and bloggers alike) scrambling to figure out how to stay in front of their followers.  Gone are the days of perfectly timed posts.  Now, instead of using chronological order, Instagram's timeline is configured to show the most popular posts first.  

Why'd they make the change you ask?

Instagram reps say that before the change users were missing 70% of their feed.  The new algorithm is said to show the moments a user finds most important. 

At first knowledge of this news, many Instagram users urged their followers to turn on post notifications.  This idea sounded great in theory, but it neglected the fact that engagement is King.

The more engagement (likes and comments) your posts get the more likely they are to appear in your followers’ timelines. 

So how do you get more engagement? 

Well aside from cross promotion (which I hope you all are doing), another Instagram update has been rolled out to help businesses and brands know and grow their audiences.

Instagram business page is a dope update to the app that is geared toward helping users cultivate the amazing content that their followers want. Two major differences in the regular and business profiles are the contact button and insight section.  With the contact button, users can reach out to you by your choice of email or phone call- Hello quick and easy brand contact!

The insight button is a whole different type of awesome. With one click you can have an overview of your top posts, your followers, and your engagement.  Insight also presents graphs of what days and time your followers are logged into Instagram.  The best use of these metrics is to see which posts resonate best with your followers.  This will help you create more relevant, likable, top of the timeline content.

For more social media updates, training, be sure to join the collective.